Writing Strengths

I became a professional writer in college, earning my first paycheck as such during a summer internship with the Springfield (MO) Daily News/Leader & Press in 1970.

I have since worked in every medium -- wire service, newspapers, radio, television, public relations, magazines, books, video scripts, webpages -- even a self-syndicated magazine column. That variety also has led me into coverage of almost every topic imaginable, from college and professional sports to billion-dollar civil lawsuits to prison riots, space launches, computer hardware/software, gambling, politics, entertainment, business (large and small) and more.

I am known for my ability to conduct strong interviews with anyone, from project engineers to athletes to four-star generals to the most senior government officials - including those of other nations around the globe. Of equal importance to gaining the trust and cooperation of such diverse subjects is my ability to "translate" what they say into articles that meet the specific needs of any given publication, from high tech to general circulation, without losing or abusing the actual words of the person interviewed. I am proud to say I have never been accused of misquoting or taking something out of context.