Useful Services

These online services are the best I have found - and I've been on the Internet since before the Web came into being. I use them and highly recommend anyone serious about being online at least consider doing the same. 


One of the biggest bargains on the Internet, Dreamhost provides unlimited . . . everything . . . for a remarkably low price. All of my websites now are or soon will be hosted or mirrored there as, to date, I have found no other host offering anywhere near the same value or level of service.


Yes, they're British, but you can reach a live support tech who won't have the cat running from you in fear on the rare occasions you may need it - toll-free at real people working hours, regardless of time zone. Everything you need to manage a domain name is available in one spot, with no tricks, smoke or mirrors on costs or your control. And their prices are the best, especially for the service provided - and includes free privacy (which, if you have a domain name registered and are not using, you're asking for problems).


If you have more than one computer - PC, Mac, Linux or a combination - or even an iPhone and need to keep up with your files whenever and wherever you may be, including collaborating with others, then check this one out. You get 2GB online storage and as many computers/iPhones as you wish to link - Free. Additional storage and capability is optional at a resonable fee.