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Giving Pilots Better Situational Awareness
7E7 and A380 engines
Rapid/Virtual Prototyping
Supersonic transportation
What's in the Future for ATC

Air Transport World

Airliner Passenger Cabin Security
Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications
Engine MRO
Wireless B2C
Airport ground control
ATC frequencies
Wireless airports
Wireless Passenter Connection
Airliner onboard security systems
Glass Cockpit Upgrades

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The Future of Commercial Airline Navigation
Aerospace Electronic Business
International Launch Services (Lockheed)
Helicopter Market Update
LORAN update
IFE Under Fire
Sea Launch

Dozens of articles during 1988-1992 tenure as Jane's North American Group Editor

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Airport Security - Post 9/11
Commercial Airline Engine Maintenance
General Aviation Airport Security
Commercial Airliner Impact of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Avionics Developments
Avionics Trends in Military & Commercial Aviation
Chemical Trace Detectors in Airport Passenger Security
Complete Overhaul of the US Air Traffic Control Systrem
The Future of "Free Flight" in Commercial Air Traffic Control
Virtual Prototyping in New Aircraft & Systems Design
Synthetic Vision for Poor Visibility Airliner Operations
Airport security designs and technologies
Airport ground control tech
ATC designs & technologies
ATC frequencies
Virtual prototyping for new aircraft
Free flight
Military & Commercial Avionics Cross-overs


Aviation Security International

Hatch Amendment Impact Overseas


Jane's Airport Review

Extensive coverage of North American airports, operations and technologies wile working as North American Group Editor for Jane's Information Group.