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J.R. Wilson

With nearly four decades of experience as a professional writer and editor - from newspapers and magazines to United Press International to books, video scripts and TV news - there are very few subjects I have not written about at one time or another. 

In that time, I have developed an international reputation for speed, accuracy, versatility and reliability. These are the assets I bring to any new assignment.

A full CV and detailed history are available here.

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Books & Magazines

As a fulltime freelancer since 1992, I have written hundreds of articles for dozens of magazines, worldwide.

I had full editorial responsibility for one of those magazines (Today's Officer) and for three UK-published books on defense and security.

I also have co-authored dozens of books on a wide range of topics, from aircraft carriers to nanotechnology, military medicine to sports medicine, the USO to homeland security, Las Vegas shows/restaurants/hotel-casinos to space exploration.

Wire Service & Newspapers

During my eight years with United Press International - and as a police and general assignment/features reporter for three metropolitan daily newspapers before that - I also gained extensive experience reporting on politics, retail and corporate business, crime, natural disasters, civil and criminal trials, entertainment, riots, energy, the drug culture and much more.

I have covered both college and professional sports, including NASCAR, NHRA, LPGA, hockey, baseball, tennis and even international parachute-jumping.

Most of those involved print and radio, as well as some still photography and cable TV news.

Pollux Communications LLC

When the World Wide Web brought a graphical interface to the Internet in 1993, I launched Pollux Publishing, one of the first such efforts online, and produced three of the Web's first professional commercial e-zines - AeroWeb, CompuWeb and DefenseWeb. For more on this effort, click here.

In 2004, I incorporated as Pollux Communications LLC in Nevada. Efforts currently are underway on several new online publishing projects. As those go public, links will be added here. 

Travel and International Work

I have traveled extensively as a writer, including international airshows in Singapore, Chile, England and Canada; coverage of airports, airlines, space launch operations and defense issues in South Korea, Germany, Mexico, French Guiana and Switzerland, along with everything from Space Shuttle launches to politics to business throughout the United States.

In addition to numerous US publishers, I have written for - and in many cases been on the mastheads of - publications in England, France, Germany, Singapore and Switzerland.